How to Prevent Condensation

A variety of activities at home such as showering, cooking and the use of humidifiers, can result in moisture formation. When moisture-filled air collides with cooler surfaces, the contact causes the warm air to turn into water, causing condensation.

The damp caused by condensation usually enters the ceilings, walls, timber and windows. Constant condensation can cause wood to rot and damage your property in the long run.

Condensation also leads to the growth of mould, which results in several health problems including immune system complications, allergies and respiratory issues.

If you live in the North East and are looking to protect your property from condensation, Ambient Preservation can help you. We specialise in damp proofing, timber preservation and building preservation.

Small things can help you prevent condensation at home and prevent costly damage in the long run. Here are some things you can do to tackle condensation.

Ensure that your Home is Well-Ventilated

Good ventilation removes damp air, which reduces condensation. There are many ways to keep your home well-ventilated. A simple solution is to keep your windows open. Depending on the extent of moisture, you can use any of the following ways to improve ventilation:

  • Use an extractor fan in kitchens and bathrooms. These are the spaces that cause maximum moisture formation.
  • Avoid over-stuffing your cupboards as it affects airflow.
  • Choose windows with vents to facilitate efficient ventilation.
  • Install humidity-sensitive electric fans. They work automatically when moisture levels in a room go up. They are cheaper to maintain too.
  • Use air bricks in exterior walls for better ventilation. If you are already using them, ensure that they are clean and obstruction-free.

Maintain a Balanced Indoor Air Temperature

When your heating device fluctuates between hot and cold temperature, it increases condensation further. It is better to have your heating devices working at a steady low temperature instead of having them fluctuate between sudden highs and lows. Maintaining consistent insulation can prevent the formation of cold spots on ceilings and walls.

If condensation persists even after implementing the above solutions, then it’s time to call in damp-proofing and condensation experts in North East.

At Ambient Preservation, we have experienced surveyors and craftsmen who are quick to identify the problem and offer an efficient solution. We offer a solution after a thorough inspection of your home.

Keep Windows Free from Condensation

Wipe away the condensation on windows regularly. This timely action prevents the formation of mould. Clearing condensation is easy – all you have to do is wipe it off with tissues or a towel.

We are Condensation Specialists in North East

With many years of experience, Ambient Preservation is a name you can trust. Our solutions include roof repairs, tile and flooring repairs, plumbing and electrics, wall tie replacement, water/flood damage repairs and waterproofing treatments, among others.

Talk to our condensation prevention specialists in North East today for a free inspection and quote. Call 0191 413 1518 now.

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