How to Get Rid of Woodworm?

Woodworm infestation could cause heavy damage to your furniture. Since the defacement is not readily visible for years, the damage could be extensive by the time you realise it.

However, if you care to inspect a little carefully, you’ll notice a few signs that clearly indicate a possible infestation.

Once you’re sure of woodworm infestation, get in touch with our woodworm control service in North East for a detailed inspection.

Identifying Woodworm Infestation

Although there are several species of woodworm, it is the larvae of ‘common furniture’ beetle that inflicts the maximum damage to wooden items.

Woodworms overrun almost all kinds of wood structures including but not limited to furniture, beams, trusses, musical instruments and cabinets. Since the damage happens from within, the harm becomes apparent after a long period of time.

However, there are some obvious signs that clearly indicate a woodworm infestation.

On closer inspection, you’ll notice elliptical or round holes with pointed edgings that are about 1mm-2mm in diameter. Sometimes, you may notice adult beetles coming out of the holes in the woodwork.

The beetles leave behind a trail of fine, granular dust (also called frass) as they emerge out of the infested wood. Tunnelling within the wood, damaged floorboards, crumbling corners in trusses and beams, and dead beetles in the periphery of infested wood are some other telltale signs.

Preventing Woodworm Infestation

You may not be able to completely prevent woodworm infestation. But you can always take specific measures to safeguard your home against common woodworm species.

Always ensure to keep all wooden items and woodwork dry.

Apply a quality varnish on the timber, substitute infested wooden bits and pieces, and dispose of infected wood.

Be sure to buy furniture crafted out of premium quality hardwood.

Removing woodworm

Before you can begin treatment, it’s important to accurately identify the woodworm species. If you do not feel confident, promptly get in touch with our woodworm prevention service in North East.

If the woodworm infection is limited to items like cabinets, furniture, and bookshelves, you can use a Permethrin-based aerosol.

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Ambient Prevention is a frontline woodworm control service in North East with extensive experience. Our woodworm prevention team in North East is comprised of skilled surveyors who conduct a systematic inspection to identify the cause and scale of woodworm infestation and suggest an effective solution.

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