Advice if You’ve Suffered Flood Damage to Your Home

If your home is affected by flood or sewage damage, chances are the penetrating dampness can further damage your home and home exterior. The first thing you should try to do is salvage what is possible to avoid further damage. The next important step is to call in professionals to speed-dry your property.

Ambient Preservation has over 30 years of experience in flood damage restoration in the North East. Here are some things you can do if you have suffered flood damage to your home.

Find the Source of Flooding

Only some floods are caused by extreme weather such as heavy rains. Flooding can also occur due to improper plumbing and leakages. Finding and stopping the source of the flood is the first thing to do.

When doing so, you must be careful you are not exposing yourself to open electric wires. Call expert electricians or flood damage experts at Ambient Preservation to do this for you.

Dehumidify & Speed-Dry the Property

If your home is large, you need specialist speed drying techniques. However, today’s advanced technology does away with the need for dozens of dehumidifiers. At Ambient Preservation, we employ trailer mounted drying systems that are fully controllable, quiet, and super efficient. Our speed drying systems are also optimised to work in any weather.

Talk to our experts right away to know how you can get speed drying for your flood-damaged property.

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you have got expert help to reduce and dry the flooded property, make sure you call your insurer. If yours is a rental property, you must inform your landlord at the earliest. Get all the paperwork right even as you begin the clean-up and restoration process.

Take Measures to Control the After Effects of Flooding

A lot of work needs to be done once the flooding is under control and the property is speed dried. Apart from drying and dehumidifying your property, we can help you with deodorizing, mould mildew and odour control.

Call the Flood Damage Repair Specialists in the North East

A flooded property is an unfortunate situation that needs professional help. Ambient Preservation provides reliable flood damage repair and restoration services in North East.

Our expert team has all the training and equipment to help you quickly tackle flooding and associated problems on your property. Contact us today for reliable and professional speed drying and dehumidifying for your flooded property.

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